Canadian medical marijuana regulations are constantly in flux, and keeping up with current rules and best practices can be difficult, especially when you're busy starting or running a business. TAU Consultants offers high-quality, affordable regulatory consulting services to clients in Vancouver and throughout Canada, helping them build a successful and compliant cannabusiness. 

Let us help you get clarity on the current legal, health, safety, and security regulations associated with the production and distribution of medical marijuana in Canada. We offer a variety of services to help your cannabusiness grow, including legal services, staff training, and custom documentation (e.g., Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs) for the following:

  • Licensing Requirements
  • Document Control
  • Change Control
  • Deviation Control
  • Record Keeping
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)
  • Audits
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Adverse Reactions + Recalls
  • Seed-to-Sale Inventory Tracking
  • Visitor Procedure
  • Proper Waste Disposal Procedures
  • Transportation Procedures
  • Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Advertising Guidelines
  • Security Requirements
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Alarm Systems
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Required/Mandatory Signage
  • Product Storage
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment specifications and purchasing
  • Staff recruitment and training