Why should i hire tau consultants?

Because we know our stuff. Seriously. We're a team of highly-trained and qualified registered professionals with a rich and diverse background in the sciences, business, engineering, law, and plant cultivation, who have been involved with the medical marijuana industry for many years. Our office is located in Gastown, the heart and soul of Vancouver, which many people (including us!) believe to be the cannabis capital of Canada. We have a presence at all local cannabis events and meetings, which keeps us updated on the current laws, regulations, and best practices, and our network of cannabis entrepreneurs and professional service providers in Vancouver and throughout Canada provides our clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions with a personal touch. 



Absolutely. We work with our clients to tailor and build a package that meets their needs. You'll always know what you're paying, and what you're paying for ahead of time. We also offer our services at a reduced rate to non-profit societies. If you have any questions about specific projects or needs, please contact us for a free consultation.


How much would it cost for me to open a dispensary in vancouver?

That depends on how much you want to spend! But in general, you need to be ready to spend $100,000 - $500,000 (conservatively) in your dispensary's first year of operation, which covers costs associated with 12 months of a commercial lease ($3-15K per month), business license, security plan, design & install, two full-time employees, security and fire monitoring, insurance, leasehold improvements, and consulting, application, and legal fees. Based on these very simple estimates, your average profits need to exceed $9,000 - $40,000+ per month in order for your business to become cashflow positive.


I don't live in Vancouver, but I want to open a dispensary in my home-town. Is that even possible?

Maybe. As of August 2015, Vancouver is the only city in Canada to have a formal business license application process in place for cannabis dispensaries and compassion clubs. Such businesses do currently operate throughout Canada, but often in the shadows, since there is currently no standard regulatory framework that they can follow, or guidance they can receive from their respective municipal governments. However, other cities in B.C., such as Victoria or White Rock, have recently expressed interest in running their own dispensary pilot programs, and are looking closely at what Vancouver is doing right - and perhaps more importantly - wrong.  

Laws and regulations for medical marijuana-related businesses are constantly changing, and the enforcement of these laws ultimately depends on your local or regional police force's opinion on the utility and safety of dispensaries, and whether they consider enforcing federal cannabis laws a priority. 

With the many challenges that they face, dispensary operators need to be able to rely on a trusted and knowledgeable network of professionals, often at a moment's notice. Our team of cannabis experts provides up-to-date advice on local and federal regulations, laws, and best-practices, supporting you in opening and running a successful, safe, clean, and compassionate dispensary. We are working with some of the best and brightest people in the industry, and are actively seeking to partner with municipalities in Canada and connect them with professional dispensary operators who exceed security, quality, and medical standards, and fulfill an important role in their community.

Contact us if you'd like to inquire about starting a medical marijuana dispensary pilot projects in your city.